The Fanart of Deduction


It’s been almost 4 years since Sherlock first came onto our screens and into our hearts. In those four years we have been lucky enough to be a part of one of the most successful adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock. We could thank Benedict Cumberbatch for his standout performances as one of the most portrayed literary characters on our screens, we could thank ‘The Hobbit’ superstar Martin Freeman for his supporting role as Dr. Watson we could even thank the ‘Game of Thrones’ star and Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss, who along with Steve Moffat have given us the BBCs most watched drama series in the UK for the last 13 years.

But No…

Sherlock Fans

Today we want to thank Sherlock fans, better known as ‘Sherlockians’. The writers, cast and crew put us on the map, but it’s the fans of the show that kept us there. Sherlockians continually contribute to our reputation as one of the UK’s favourite tourist spots.  Our aim within the Sherlock community is to create a hub where all Sherlockians come together, share their ideas and passion through social networking and love of 187 North Gower Street of course using our website as a tool to do so. Since our website has launched, we’ve had an overwhelming response and hope to keep the show’s buzz alive worldwide through your involvement.

Did You Know…

 96 – We’ve had Sherlockians from 96 different countries/territories click onto our Speedy’s Cafe website, including those from a place or two you may have never heard of before such as Macau, Kyrgyzstan and New Caledonia.

10 – Our sites highest percentage of sessions come from these 10 countries: UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada, France, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

42 – 42% of sessions have come from a phone or tablet device.

20 – 20% of our audience jump straight into our Gallery tab to view our posted images. If you’re artwork’s featured, you are gaining some serious exposure. Who know’s what opportunity may come from it. Some artists featured have even had their work featured on BBC America.

Benedict Cumberbatch Affordable Art Fair

Cumberbatch the Artist…

As most of you know, Cumberbatch is not just an inspiring actor, he’s also quite the artist. Anyone remember this beauty of a self-portrait he donated to a silent auction last year? What’s more, the Sherlock fandom have proven their artistic capabilities and have managed to even catch the eye of the man himself.

In the last 4 years we have seen some fantastic artwork, from drawings of Speedy’s Cafe, oil paintings of Cumberbatch, Freeman and Scott, hand-made jewellery of our Speedy’s Cafe mugs As mentioned, we’ll be encouraging you guys to send us your best fan art so we can publish it in Speedy’s Fanart Gallery. We will also be posting your twitter names along with your art work, to help build your following. Every month between 15-20 images will be selected around the 13th of every month. Please keep the art coming using the hash tag #SpeedysFanArt, we and everyone else absolutely love it.